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Update on Mr. Ollie- First let me back up a bit. On Feb.17th our 17 yr old cat, Ollie, took a jump off our bed, which sits a bit higher than normal, and made a terrible landing. He was dragging his front leg around and could not use it...I immediately rushed him out to Dr. Tony to evaluate him. Come to find out he had broken his left femur in his upper front leg. And not just a simple break, but a complex twisting of the bones. Surgery to repair it was going to invoke a specialty vet, quite invasive, and very expensive with a long healing process due to a metal shaft inside the bone and wiring etc. along the outside of it. Keep in mind Mr. Ollie is a young 17. The other options Dr Tony discussed was- euthanasia-NO!! Or #2- Complete amputation of his left front leg. The surgery would be less complicated, and the healing process much quicker. Basic mobility back in a week to 10 days or so. At week 5 now his mobility has increased three fold !! We keep a little dog sweater on him to keep him warm until all his fur grows back(I think he likes it!) He now hobbles all over the house again, and has been welcomed back by our other two cats. Here's a picture of him in what we like to call his NASA kitty coat! The amputated leg is on the far side. Thank you so much Dr. Tony and girls for helping us save our senior citizen!!!! He is doing great and happy to be back home with us !!!!! No better place for our animals than Paws and Claws!!!

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